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Out of the Silence – New Music!

Hello, fans! I apologize that it’s been over two years since I posted, and I am very sorry. I update a few things on my Facebook and Twitter pages, but that is not an acceptable excuse. I have struggled with being creative on several fronts and had to narrow my attention to a few specifics: video game streaming, technical learning, and music creation. Unfortunately, I’ve only had the time to devote attention to the first two and even that has been in small batches.

For those that don’t know, I have begun streaming video games on Twitch as a fun way to share my joy of gaming and my weird perspective on things in a creative way. I have already generated a decent amount of videos, including multiple videos in a play-through list, as I work on playing through games. My overall viewer watch is not very high but I am enjoying the ability to do some new things.

Beyond that, I wanted to keep myself up to date on technologies in my field to not become obsolete in the technical space. I have done this by going through various training courses online, teaching me how to program in ReactJS, Python, and even refreshing me on new HTML5/CSS3 stuff. This has helped me grow in technical proficiency and creative capabilities.

Despite this, I knew that Expanse was not ready to be released because I felt there were more tracks to deliver. I just had to squeeze them out of my head. But in the same breath, I have always felt that if I tried to force myself to do things, the music would not be the kind of music I wanted to release. I had plenty of concepts in my head, but to take them and translate them into songs was very tricky. After putting my studio aside for a long time, I finally got myself back into the groove by watching some tutorials for new techniques. After playing with a MIDI as part of the tutorial, I felt that spark so I started to create!

Now, after so much time has passed, I have created not one but TWO new tracks for the Expanse album! I even have an idea for one or two more songs! For now, please check out these two new tracks on my SoundCloud:

Space Elevator – The listener finds a space elevator to help them with their desire to travel the expanses of space. They will use it to carry themselves to the moon!

Black Hole – As the listener shoots through the galaxy, they find themselves near a supermassive black hole. They must escape the vortex before they are forever trapped in the singularity.

If I have any more ideas for songs, I will do my best to lock them into a song for you guys to enjoy!

DJ6i Out!

New Christmas Album Finally Dropped!

Hello fans! It’s been a long time since I last spoke with you and I am sorry about that. With the holidays exploding on to the scene, countless family things and general time lost, I just have not had the chance to type out anything. But today I do have some good news!

You might recall that I mentioned working on a Christmas album. I actually completed the final master mix out a few days before Christmas and sent it to my distributor. Unfortunately, at the same exact time, my web and email hosting company was bought by another company. As a result, all of the email server settings changed and I did not even think to adjust my phone and computer mailbox settings.

Long story short, my distributor sent me several requests to make the final approvals which I did not get until the tail end of January when I finally fixed the mailbox settings issue. I finished the approvals and it finally got released.

SO! Without further ado, you can check out my new album on your favorite medium of choice:

Let me know what you think! I also plan on finishing up Expanse as soon as I feel its ready. However, I am still short a song or two and I won’t release it until I feel like it’s where I want it to be.

DJ6i Out!

Christmas Album in the Making!

Hello fans! I have some very exciting news for you all! For several years, I have wanted to release a Christmas album as a standalone EP. It’s no mistake that I include a Christmas song with every EP I release and so I have a few. I have also enjoyed taking a classic song and re-imagining it in electronic music as I feel it is both artistic and historic at the same time. Finally, after years of talking about it, it’s finally going to happen!

The album is as yet untitled but the working title is “TechXmas” since it is a Techno/EDM approach to Christmas but I felt that EDMXmas was somewhat clunky and also limiting. The final title will hopefully be decided soon. However, I do have a working set list. for you to look at!

  1. Carol of the Bells
  2. Joyous World (Joy to the World)
  3. Space Jingle (Jingle Bells)
  4. Tacet Nox (Silent Night)
  5. Angelus Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High)
  6. Hark Angelus (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)
  7. Decorum NativitatisĀ  (Deck the Halls)

I hope to pull the original masters from Carol of the Bells, Joyous World, and Space Jingle and do some remastering so they are even more clear and natural, we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the Soundcloud links below to hear what I have already created!

Tacet Nox

Angelus Gloria

Hark Angelus

DJ6i Out!

New Stuff – Again!

I think it’s safe to say that my decision to modify my style has paid off in massive dividends. I am happy to release my second track on my techno themed album. This is a sweet and calming track with some amazing melodies. I think the chorus of this song is probably the most amazing one I have ever made. It brought me to tears and I am not even lying.

I hope you enjoy… Take Flight.


My Daughter’s Remix

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that my daughter was playing around in the studio and learning a few things. Well, she finally got serious again yesterday. She wanted to play Hot Cross Buns but had no instrument to play it on. I told her she could use my studio to play it on any instrument she wanted. As a result, she made her own remix of “Hot Cross Buns”. It’s not a very long track but I have to say she did pretty good work for a 10 year old with little experience. Check it out for your selves:

I promise that I had very little to do with this at all. I seriously just pulled up the sheet music for the song and helped her put the first note in. After that, I explained that she needed to keep any additional stuff she added in the “G” Key since that is what the song was made in. I am pretty impressed with what she came up with. This may be the start of a wonderful new musician!

DJ6i Out!