purple image for DJ6i's albume expanse

After many years of working on tracks and trying new things, I began to conceptualize an album that is thematic rather than a group of songs that I happened to write at the same time. I didn’t have the luxury of doing this in my early days, as the goal was to produce the music as soon as possible, get the sound up to par, and share it with the world. I thought that in this way, I would catch on with others who liked my music, and we would enjoy it together.

Now, I’ve been working on music for the greater part of 12 years. I already have a main “job” that can pay the bills, and the money I make off my albums via streaming is only a tiny drop in the bucket. This freedom has allowed me to spend time creating the right tracks as inspiration draws me. No longer will I release an album of 7 tracks just because.

So what am I doing? Well, I am putting together an album that tells the story of a traveler (or listener) who has always been drawn to the mysteries of the universe (as have I personally) and now can resist the pull no longer. You, as the traveler, will be taken away from our planet earth and travel through a soundscape spanning many landmarks in the universe. It will be a dangerous trip, but you didn’t want to be earthbound anyway, did you?

Track List (so Far):

  1. Distant Voice – This is the inner calling of the traveler who feels compelled to do something bigger. They are seeking to travel the universe and escape the trappings of this place.
  2. Take Flight – The traveler now uses wings (physical or mechanical – it’s your story) to take off from where we are and fly to find a way to travel beyond our atmosphere.
  3. Space Elevator – The traveler has found a miracle of science that will allow them to travel to the moon and start their galactic journey – the Space Elevator.
  4. Lunar Sail – The space elevator delivers the traveler to the moon. Now, they are placed in their own spaceship that will take them deeper into the universe. But to get there, the craft needs to use the gravitational pull of the moon to slingshot them into the cosmos.
  5. Solar Wind – The traveler has now left the moon and is heading deeper into the solar system. They now encounter the solar winds which will propel them forward but not without some turbulence.
  6. Burning Star – Now, the traveler has passed beyond the Milky Way and is venturing into the greater galaxy. One of the first things they encounter is a highly unstable red dwarf star wreaking havoc in the next galaxy away from ours.
  7. Black Hole – Passing safely beyond the Burning Star’s damage path, the traveler finds themself face to face with a supermassive black hole and must escape it before they are forever trapped in the singularity.
  8. Expanse – Safely out of danger, the travel can spend the rest of their life exploring the vastness of the universe.