Currents EP

My second EP is still in production but it is entitled ‘Currents’ and I hope to complete it before the end of the year.  As it stands, I am about halfway done with it so I am keeping that deadline.


Currents EP – Scheduled for release in 2014

  1. Polysonic – The first song for the new EP and also the first song I have created using the all new Logic Pro X on my new iMac. This song uses heavier beats and a few new tricks I have learned along the way. This song was released as an independent single on iTunes, Amazon, etc.
  2. Windrider – When I was working on new stuff, I watched some leaves blowing by outside my window and I couldn’t help but think of how wonderful and terrifying it would be to fly across the wind like a leaf. The same day I launched Polysonic, I picked up the pieces of an old track and made this new track in only a few hours. It is one of my most replayed tracks from the new album. Windrider features some light dubstep elements and is the first track I have released at 135BPM. This song was released as an independent single on iTunes, Amazon, etc. so you can enjoy it there if you would like.
  3. Subdementia – In this heavy handed track, DJ6i steps up the beats to 140 BPM and brings you a track filled with dubstep elements mixed with some major subsonic bass. This one is known to rattle my windshield some days. This track is not available as a single as I plan on releasing it with the Currents EP.
  4. Frostfall – This track is part homage to a character idea DJ6i had for a new story and also due to the exceptionally cold temperatures that dropped more snow and ice on Oklahoma in 2014 than any other year in recent memory. This track is certainly chilling but don’t relax too much, it still bumps the beats at 140BPM. Frostfall features similar dubstep and drum and bass elements but focuses more on clean leads between verse/chorus. It is not available as a single yet but it will be released with the Currents EP.
  5. Currents  – This song is my Magnum Opus for this album. It took a long time to develop and was easily one of the most ‘crowd-sourced’ songs in my entire history. It is dedicated to my late father who taught me to make my own course in life.
  6. CannonBall – In this remix, I share one of my favorite Baroque compositions of all time, Pachelbel’s Canon. The music he made was so foundational to almost all modern music yet he was virtually unknown other than being friends with the prominent Bach family. Rumor has it that Canon was written for Johann Sebastian Bach’s wedding. Either way, I hope that this version will bring attention to this wonderful music. Although the song is loosely based off the public domain sheet music, I have made several modifications that I hope you will all enjoy!
  7. Joyous World – For my Christmas song in 2012, I took another of my favorite Christmas songs, Joy to the World, and made it my own. Originally I was going to make a simple re-mastering of the classic but as I started to work on it, I added more synth elements and different drum styles. The end result was a different song but with the same flavor and style of the classic carol. It will be added to the final release of the Currents EP.

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