My Studio

As many of you may know, I do all of my composition electronically using my studio software, headphones and a keyboard. Although I have used a few tools as I have progressed¬† along the way, I found that Apple’s Logic Pro was the easiest to learn for a newcomer to the world of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and for the cost versus functionality ratio, I really cannot get much better than it.

I have heard the arguments about Cubase is better and ProTools is better and so on but when it came to my production, I found Cubase to be far too detailed for a newcomer and ProTools was too expensive (basic editions starting at $400) for me to use. Furthermore, I previously studied under David Campos and his tool of choice is Apple Logic Studio so that’s what I chose as my system.

I know that Ableton has exploded on the scene to be the new go-to for most musicians, but that’s not my speed either. I tested a few pieces of the software and although it’s a nice and clean interface, the company nickel and dimes you to death for any and all add-ons. I’ve been writing music in Logic Pro for almost a decade and I don’t really see much of a need to change. Instead, I am focusing on learning new and unique techniques and functions because the list of these that I haven’t found in Logic yet is so long that I can’t even begin to imagine it. If the cost for Ableton comes down or I find a useful thing in it that I can’t do in some way with Logic, I will consider working on it some more.

When I originally wrote this page, I had just basked in the glow of my new iMac 27 Pro. However, that was almost 7 years ago! I still have that old system but the HDD is corrupt (Fusion Drives are known to have this problem) and I can no longer recover anything from it. Since then, I have an ever-growing number of Apple devices at my disposal and will generally write on whichever computer I happen to be on at the time inspiration strikes. I have two MacBook Pro laptops, one that I bought new a few years ago¬† (2021 Model with a 16″ screen) that I bought a few years ago, and a smaller, 12″ MacBook Pro that I bought to use for live DJ events. Oh, and I have my iPad linked to Logic (via Logic Remote) to use as a software pad if I need to.

I do still have my Casio keyboard but I have mostly given it to my oldest daughter who finds playing piano with tutorials on YouTube to be a relaxing pastime. I am never one to deny my children a creative outlet if at all possible. But that’s okay because I have now been making using of my AKAI MPK Mini (Black Edition) to help me with keying notes in if I don’t feel like using a live composer. Another, new entry into my arsenal, as I have been asked to do more live gigs, is the Pioneer DDJ 200. It is a lightweight and easy to use controller with beat matching and other fun capabilities. This tool is a great way to beat match and provide some neat blends.

Logic Pro

The biggest piece of my production work is and always has been Logic Pro Studio by Apple! I don’t need to share any images of this tool because you can find it anywhere on the internet. For more information about using software like this, I encourage you to go read up on David Campos’ guide to music production: Electronic Music Production.

Maybe you liked this or maybe it bored you to tears, but every good musician talks about his equipment and I am no different. I use this software and God’s gift to me of creativity to turn moments of inspiration into songs for the world to hear.