Associated Acts

I have been an associate of many musicians in my life and the people I choose to collaborate with may change from time to time.

Right now, I am associated with “No Money Down” which is a joint project between myself and my friend Jim Hyatt. We let our kids “sing” into the mic and contribute while we are playing and recording. We have not made any official songs just yet, but here are some raw jam sessions to give you a taste of the sound. On the second song, I am playing backup guitar while Jim plays the lead as well as occasionally playing some notes on the keyboard or at least changing to a different chord. See what you think of the sound:

No Money Down – Rock Jam (2/6/11)– A rock-style jam session with some minor chords and heavier chord progressions. On this track, I am mostly just using my keyboard to back up Jim’s guitar.

No Money Down – Blues Jam (2/6/11) – Jim’s favorite type of music is blues so he really likes doing bluesy songs. I did a little guitar and a little keyboard on this song and let him lay down the smoky blues lead lines.