A Different Christmas

After a lot of crazy issues that I had no way of predicting, I was finally able to release my third EP – A Different Christmas. It was supposed to be released on Dec. 18, 2018 but due to some issues with my publisher, it was not released until Feb. 2019.

Even still, I hope you enjoy this collection of Christmas songs with my own personal flair. Some of them I have released with my other albums and some of them are brand new.

  1. Carol of the Bells (Remastered) – I dusted off the original cut of my Carol of the Bells track and update it with some of my new techniques. You will find this is a fuller and more open version of the track.
  2. Joyous World (Remastered) – Much like Carol of the Bells, I dusted off the original track and made some adjustments to make the track fuller and more detailed. ยจ
  3. Angels We Have Heard on High (Angelus Gloria) – This is my mother’s favorite Christmas song and she sings it every year as much as she can. It felt only right to dedicate it to her.
  4. Silent Night (Tacet Nox) – Easily one of the most low-key tracks I have released. I took the original score of this song and put a stronger lead line on it. I also added drums which is something that I have rarely (if ever) heard when it’s performed.
  5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Hark! Angelus) – Yet another of my favorite Christmas tracks. I tried to give this version a bit more kick and power. It sounds stronger and more potent but doesn’t lose the semblance of the original track.
  6. Space Jingle (Jingle Bells) – This is a track I have been holding on to for a while. I KNEW I needed to do this song but couldn’t figure out how I wanted to make it happen. I ultimately decided to do “Jingle Bells – in space” so you will hear it start as a simple melody in space the eventually spreads across the galaxy, bringing joy.
  7. Deck the Halls (with Boughs of Holly) – Final track on this album that came up rather suddenly. I wasn’t sure which track I wanted to close the album with. I thought back to all the songs that brought me joy during Christmas and this was absolutely one of them so I felt it wise to include it. It ultimately became one of my favorites from the album.