I released my first EP, Audiophiles in 2011 and it is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and countless other video sources… not to mention SoundCloud and YouTube. However, this will be a place to discuss my discography and tell you a  little bit about each song.

1. DJ6i – Audiophiles EP Discography

2. DJ6i – Currents EP Discography

3. DJ6i – A Different Christmas

One question that I am sometimes asked is “Why are you only releasing EP’s?” That is a great question and I will do my best to answer it. In case you are unaware, an EP is an old school record term for ‘Extended Play’. In the days of making vinyl records, it was very expensive and time consuming to release a full length album. Many artists would release several EP’s that had a few songs on them as they were finalizing their albums. This was less expensive and kept the fans excited until a new album came out. In modern music, EP’s generally are releases that contain less than 10 songs and thus do not count as full albums. I hope to release a full length album in time.

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