More Christmas Music

Yay! I am finally done with all of my homework for this semester and I am taking the next semester off. I am not as bustling with creativity like I was before or perhaps I am but I am trying to pace myself so I don’t overdue it. But I can’t help but do a little more Christmas music. I am writing a much more stylized version of one of my Christmas favorites. As for which one? Well… as they say in Japan Sore Wa Himitsu Desu! (That’s a secret!). Keep an eye on the site for the latest song!

Pausing Playback

Just as an FYI, I have many activities that my hands are in from one day to the next. Right now, I am in the last few days of a Developmental Psychology class toward my Master’s and have a wide array of things due. Because of this, I am temporarily pausing musical production work until I power through the finals. I hope to get one more Christmas tune ready before 12/25 but I won’t be hurt if I don’t. Stay tuned for more music coming soon!

Double Header!

Wow! It has been a busy week or two! I have been busily working on my song Insomniac, I have added a full fledge desk to my studio space instead of the rather off balance table I was using and I am really hoping to get some Christmas music done unless I get inspired to do some more of my original work. Today is a special release because I am offering you not one but TWO songs to listen to.

The first is my new track “Insomniac” which came about last Friday when I was bored and wanting to play in the studio. I started out at about 12:30AM and was just going to experiment. I looked up at the clock a little later and realized that it was 3:30AM so my little experiment had lasted 3 hours! I felt it was aptly named “Insomniac” and I think you will get the feel for that name when you hear it. It is probably the edgiest of all of my work to date and it is also the first track where I have been obsessive about making sure my mix stayed cool (aka nothing hitting over 0.1 DB above the limit on my mixer). I think the song turned out really good but you be the judge: DJ6i – Insomniac.

The other present I offer is my version of The Carol of the Bells. This haunting hit has long been a favorite of mine as I love the use of key and 1/2 key tone changes that the composer used. It is also one of the hardest songs to find a version of that I don’t really like. I downloaded a public domain copy of the sheet music and used it with my Logic Express Score input screen (as opposed to the piano roll) and the result was a nice track that holds true to the original hit without being vanilla. I have actually had this one ready for a while but was not going to upload it until I had the chance to complete more Christmas songs but most of my wonderful beta listeners had told me that they wanted to see it on the net so they can download it. What can I say? I caved into the pressure: DJ6i – Carol of the Bells.

Happy Friday!

Mac Me!

I can tell I am really getting in to this whole music production thing and here is why. I purchased a MacBook Pro 17″ that is quite powerful (got it for a steal on CraigsList). I reinstalled OS X Snow Leopard since the version it came with was pirated (no media provided). I also made my first visit to the Apple Store, now THAT was a trip! Now, I have it all the way reloaded and I am using Garageband to create my next work. It looks like a really good solution now that I have learned how to edit in the piano roll among other things. Expect occasional postings about strange things my Mac does… being an IT guy from a Windows world this is a whole other animal.

I have begun work on a new song but it is still very rough as I am still learning the interface. However, I am sure that will pass in time. I even have a Korg MINI keyboard (it has like… 15 keys and is the size of a standard keyboard) that I hope to start using soon. It is not as nice as the 40-60 key pianos but considering it is my birthday in a few weeks and Christmas not long after, I am being threatened with beatings by my wife if I purchase any more goodies. It’s not my fault my list for this year STARTS at $99 and goes all the way up to $500 (Logic Studio Pro is expensive lol). We’ll see how much loot I get soon, but it may not be posted for a while with the holidays coming soon. Stay Tuned!