Unexpected Face Lift for the Site

Hey there fans! It’s been a long time since this site had a makeover. I had always wanted to make one but never really found another design that I liked beyond the one that I had. However, I had to change the site layout somewhat unexpectedly.

You see, this site has been using a custom theme that I purchased many years ago. It was written long before the modern versions of WordPress came about. However, about three years ago, the vendor who made it randomly disappeared and stopped updating the template and left no way to contact them for the future. For a long time, I just worked around the limitations.

However, I was warned by my host that my version of PHP was highly outdated and that they can no longer support it. So, I upgraded to the most recent stable release of PHP. While it’s great that I no longer have an insecure web language on my server, it also meant that my template no longer works. It is not compatible with the new version and I tried to fix it to no avail.

So, I had to act quickly but I did it. Until I can find a better theme, we’ll stick with this one. I may end up liking it and it’s a core WordPress theme so I know it won’t go out of support any time soon. Let me know if something doesn’t work.

I am still working on “Expanse”, just having a hard time finding inspiration for the final track. I’ve played with some stuff and I even have about 1:10 of a potential song, but we’ll have to see how it turns out. Keep watching!

DJ6i Out!

New Christmas Album Finally Dropped!

Hello fans! It’s been a long time since I last spoke with you and I am sorry about that. With the holidays exploding on to the scene, countless family things and general time lost, I just have not had the chance to type out anything. But today I do have some good news!

You might recall that I mentioned working on a Christmas album. I actually completed the final master mix out a few days before Christmas and sent it to my distributor. Unfortunately, at the same exact time, my web and email hosting company was bought by another company. As a result, all of the email server settings changed and I did not even think to adjust my phone and computer mailbox settings.

Long story short, my distributor sent me several requests to make the final approvals which I did not get until the tail end of January when I finally fixed the mailbox settings issue. I finished the approvals and it finally got released.

SO! Without further ado, you can check out my new album on your favorite medium of choice:

Let me know what you think! I also plan on finishing up Expanse as soon as I feel its ready. However, I am still short a song or two and I won’t release it until I feel like it’s where I want it to be.

DJ6i Out!

My First YouTube Christmas song of 2018

Hello fans! I am putting the finishing touches on the Christmas album. The working title has now been changed to “A Different Christmas” as all other ideas seemed cheesy or overly gimmicky. I hope this name defines what is meant by this album.

Here is the YouTube release of the first official song, my take on “Angels We Have Heard on High” which I have named “Angelus Gloria”. Enjoy!

Christmas Album in the Making!

Hello fans! I have some very exciting news for you all! For several years, I have wanted to release a Christmas album as a standalone EP. It’s no mistake that I include a Christmas song with every EP I release and so I have a few. I have also enjoyed taking a classic song and re-imagining it in electronic music as I feel it is both artistic and historic at the same time. Finally, after years of talking about it, it’s finally going to happen!

The album is as yet untitled but the working title is “TechXmas” since it is a Techno/EDM approach to Christmas but I felt that EDMXmas was somewhat clunky and also limiting. The final title will hopefully be decided soon. However, I do have a working set list. for you to look at!

  1. Carol of the Bells
  2. Joyous World (Joy to the World)
  3. Space Jingle (Jingle Bells)
  4. Tacet Nox (Silent Night)
  5. Angelus Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High)
  6. Hark Angelus (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)
  7. Decorum Nativitatis  (Deck the Halls)

I hope to pull the original masters from Carol of the Bells, Joyous World, and Space Jingle and do some remastering so they are even more clear and natural, we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the Soundcloud links below to hear what I have already created!

Tacet Nox

Angelus Gloria

Hark Angelus

DJ6i Out!

Why I’m Happy to NOT be Popular

Hello fans! I hope you are doing well! I am not dropping a new track yet, I have a few tracks that I’m working with but I’m not sure if any of them will make it on the album or even how many tracks I want to place on this album. I’m trying to pick the ones that really speak to me and fit the overall theme of the album. There’s also that pesky challenge of deciding if I want to make a title track and if so, what it would be like. I’m still debating all those things as I work towards producing the rest of my album.

In the meantime, I confess that I have become more and more addicted to YouTube videos. I remember a time when YouTube was basically a dumping ground for whatever random video blog or stupid antics someone wanted to show the world. It’s only been in the past 5 years or so that I have noticed an increasingly higher percentage of quality content made from thinkers and people who are not afraid to argue with the status quo. But, if you’re not a dinosaur, you probably already know that.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, because I wanted to share a gem on YouTube that I found and since I know that there is so much content on YouTube that even if all new uploads were to cease (they won’t), it would still take you 60,000 years or more of non-stop watching to watch every video on YouTube at the time new uploads ceased (Quora.com). Because of that number, there is a very good chance that you may not find this video that I found. However, I think it is a fantastic explanation of the popular music scene.

This video, friends, is why I am not upset that I’m not a ‘popular’ musician. While I’d certainly love to make more money with the music I have made so that I can afford to work on music more directly, I’m also not about to try and mold myself to fit a particular niche in the world of popular music. I create what I create because I feel like I am driven to create it and that I should share it in case anyone else would like to hear it. While I certainly draw some inspiration from modern styles of music, they do not define my music. I create the things that I enjoy listening to and hope that everyone else will enjoy listening to it as well. I hope you found this information at least somewhat useful.

DJ6i Out!