Quarantined Life going Over the Moon

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It’s amazing what a different world we live in than just one month ago. I am sure that many of you who are reading this post are doing so while on some kind of stay at home order from your government. We are living in the age of COVID-19 and being at home without much choice to go out is our new normal. I have transitioned to working my primary job from my basement so I have lots of time to work and listen to music so that’s what I have been doing.

If any of you have been following my posts on Facebook, Twitter or here, you will know that I have been stumped on what song I want/need to finish out Expanse. I had felt that since I made a “title track” for Currents, that I should start including a title track in each new album. So, I tried for months to write a track that I could call “Expanse” and that I felt would encapsulate the new direction I feel like my album is going. No matter how much I wanted to write something, I kept telling myself that this song had to be a certain thing and abandoned almost anything that I had worked on. This was a very selfish and restricting thing to do.

I remembered in the past that I would often feel the desire to write my own work when I heard new music that inspired me. Usually when I am in the basement working, I have my Pandora station playing and although I like the music, it rarely has anything very new. So, I checked my Twitter feed and saw that a few artists I respect have created new albums. I streamed those new albums and it really did the trick to get my mind thinking of new sounds that I could do and how I want to make some of my new music sound.

I had two songs that I had felt fond of and had written bits of over the past year. However, one felt like it was an awesome melody but I had no idea for a chorus. I had another song that had an amazing chorus but no real melody body to speak. I decided to merge them into a single song… and it worked!

That’s correct, I am finally writing the final song for my album! I only have a working title at the moment which I don’t generally share. I believe it will be Lunar in naming. It is a perfect combination of the two separate tracks. I cannot wait to finalize it! Keep an eye on my feed for more details. You know I won’t release anything until I am personally happy with it. Who knows, I might make more material and add it to the album, time will tell.

DJ6i Out!

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