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New Life, New studio

DJ6i is still alive and well although I would argue that I felt like I was mostly dead these past few months. Due to a series of unfortunate events, my life and my stability were sent through the wringer a few times and it has not been easy getting life back on track. But now, it seems that the fires have passed and as with any life changes, my creative muscles have been dreaming up lots of ideas but my studio space had been greatly reduced. Now, only a few days ago, I bought myself the biggest desk I have ever had. It is actually 2 “L desks patched together to make a “U”. Now I have the studio space to cook up more music.

Furthermore, I found Logic Pro 9 was available as an App Store purchase for $200… A far cry from the $700 I would have spent for retail. The best part? 25+ gb of new loops and instruments. Oh yeah! Helluva deal! Now if I could only get the time worked out so I can work on stuff!