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Hello Fans!

It’s been a while since I have updated here. Honestly, my twins have been keeping me so busy that I have not really had an opportunity to update much. That doesn’t mean that I have been sleeping. I have the majority of one Christmas Carol already made and am working on another. I have also started creating a new, non-Christmas song to flex my muscles. Nothing is ready for post yet.

However, it does seem that my interest in music creation has not been lost at home. My 9 year old daughter, who has been one of my fans since the beginning (and even helped me work on one of the Christmas songs), actually asked me to show her how to do what I do the other day. So, I sat her down and showed her a few things within Logic Pro X. She picked up on the software much faster than I would have expected. Before the end of our first session, I had taught her how to stage loops, use fades, modify MIDI encoding and how to use a few tools such as the Multipressor and the Ad Limiter. She is a trooper!

Her song is.. well… a bit spastic. She has never been a calm child! However, I think that with a little refinement, she can pick up on this stuff pretty well. She asked me if I would put her music on the “App Store” (yeah, funny but she is only 9 after all). I told her that if we got a clean version of her song that could work, I would add it to a future album and give her full credit for it.

Suffice to say, I may be passing on my DJ6i crown to my daughter someday. What else could a dad ask for? 🙂

DJ 6i Out!

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