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Teaser – New Experience

After forcing my 8 year old, heavily modified MacBook Pro to handle the punishment of running multi-sample, deep layered tracks in Logic Pro, I finally got an upgrade. I purchased a brand new iMac with a ridiculous amount of power and I upgraded to Logic Pro X. Here is just a teaser of what my new stuff sounds like. Wow… a 2 minute track used to take about 4 minutes to bounce, now it takes 4 seconds.

Here’s a teaser for your enjoyment!

DJ6i – NewXperience

More Music in the Works

Hello out there, I hope my friends are doing well. Unfortunately, I have not been contacted by anyone who likes my music so I can’t really give any ‘shout outs’. Anyhow, the DJ has had his creativity cap on the past few days and I have been working on some new things. I am still working on my newest track, the one that I still have not officially named, but I want to focus on making quality music so the progress has been slow going. Any DJ can grab a bunch of random things and lump them together and it might even sell a little… especially if I put a random female voice track using AutoTune… (Ok… sorry, personal gripe). However, I want to produce music that I am proud to stamp my name on so this next song will not be out until I have it 100% to my quality.

On the other hand, I started a new project recently. I have always loved classical music and one of the most powerful classic songs in my heart is Canon by Pachelbel… the chords in the song and the wonderful moving melody line. Because of that, I have started to create my own interpretation of the song which I lovingly refer to as “CanonBall”. Depending on the copyright guidelines, I may offer this as a downloadable song or I might make it a new song on my next EP. Either way, I hope to have that song available before too long. It is my hope that a modern, electronic spin on this amazing classic will expose the song to new audiences that it was not previously exposed to.

Until then, I want to thank you all again. I am now in the triple digits for profits on my music… that’s right… DJ6i has broken the $1.00 mark! As silly as it may sound, I cannot express how grateful I am that people would take a liking to the music I make and like it enough to pay for it! I am also thankful that it is still possible for an independent artist to make music without being influenced by big record labels. Keep the music independent and the rest of the world will find it!

DJ6i Out!

DJ6i will soon be on iTunes and Amazon!

It’s been an interesting few weeks! As of one week ago, I now have a newborn baby boy in my family and have been focusing my attention on family related matters while occasionally trying out a few things in the studio but have yet to be inspired for a new work… or perhaps I am simply too tired. 🙂

Either way, this is some exciting news! Thanks to my partnership with CDBaby you will soon be able to download DJ6i songs through iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and more! Unlike the majority of artists selling their songs for approx. 99 cents, I am actually selling mine for less than that. I am not producing music just to make money, I want my music to reach people and inspire people. The only reason I am even asking for money in the first place is so that I can help buffer the costs associated with making my music available via these retailers.

I promise that I will make an official post when I receive word that the files are available in those sources. As for new music? Well, that’s basically a matter of time and inspiration. I won’t write something unless I want it to be good and inspired. If you would like, you can make suggestions for a type of song and I will see what I can do, I always like a challenge!

DJ6i out!

The Roots are planted!

Well friends, it seems as though I have officially named the new song that I offered a sample of “Roots”. I did this because I grew up in rural SE Oklahoma and still visit it frequently. Oklahoma City, where I live currently, is much more of a Midwestern (think St. Louis, Kansas City) mentality than Southern. However, when I go to SE Oklahoma, I am reminded of a land where bluegrass and Southern rock are planted deep in the ground and still know people who have lived on the farm since they were born and many have and will die at the same farm. Roots takes me back to the kind of music that isn’t country but isn’t much like anything else.

Also, this song will be released in TWO versions. The first is the original version which features a few nice synths mixed with a variety of other instruments and finds a happy medium between the pretty sound of AngelSpun and the more synthesized SpaceCase. However, while working on it, I was seeking advice from my sister in law who is decidedly Southern. She couldn’t hear the Southern sound of the music when it was synthed so I made another version of the main line featuring a southern piano and she was hooked. I liked the sound so much that I decided to go ahead and copy the entire song into a version that is more like a Southern Rock song than an Electronica song and my sis in law loves it! I will release both versions at the same time.

As it stands, I only need to complete the ending of the song and the full set will be complete. But the problem I have (as I often do) is how to end one of my creations since they all take on such a life and energy of their own. I don’t want to end the songs but I also know that all good things must come to an end. At least in music you can simply hit the ‘repeat’ button.

Keep your eyes peeled!

DJ 6i Out!

A Taste of What’s to Come

Here’s a minor update for you guys! I was greatly enjoying a taste of a life more calm but just when I was getting comfortable, I had to deal with a series of negative influences which is making life seem a bit harder lately. Despite all of this mess, I actually started creating a really nice new song. It almost seems like the song is the way I remind myself that my life has never been easy but I have stood through it all.

I have not named my latest work but I am almost ready to start mastering it. I have one more section to work out and then I have to make a suitable ending. Even so, I offer you guys this little excerpt: Please understand that “Soulful” is not the name of the song but it describes the feeling of the song until a name can be made. Enjoy!

More Christmas Music

Yay! I am finally done with all of my homework for this semester and I am taking the next semester off. I am not as bustling with creativity like I was before or perhaps I am but I am trying to pace myself so I don’t overdue it. But I can’t help but do a little more Christmas music. I am writing a much more stylized version of one of my Christmas favorites. As for which one? Well… as they say in Japan Sore Wa Himitsu Desu! (That’s a secret!). Keep an eye on the site for the latest song!