Where you at 6?

Where you at 6? Where you at?

I am still here, I am just not making as much noise as I usually do. The holiday season is always a busy and hectic time for me considering my family and I often travel to several places to visit family during this time of the year and this was no different. I was mobile for a good 75% or my holiday and am just settling back into the daily grind.

At the moment, I am taking a break from composition. This is not to say that I am quitting, I am just taking some R and R. My life has been so freakishly busy the past several months that I am lucky to have held on. Now that I have fewer demands on my time, I am catching up on my fun time – playing games, doing random computer projects, etc. I love my music but do not want it to become a ‘chore’ or a ‘job’ because then it will cease to be fun and provide a creative outlet.

I have several ideas for some music in my head and will sit down and commit it to the studio when the right moment flashes. Until then, keep an eye out here. If you are curious as to where I draw my inspiration from, you should listen to my Pandora station. It’s totally free and you can hear some other amazing artists in my field.

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