Transfer Complete!

Hey there everybody! I know that everyone has been watching my site with pained breaths waiting for an update (okay… maybe I WISH everyone was). Well, after several months, my family and I have officially moved to what we hope will be our family home for many years to come. It has enough space for my family to run and play and – of course – enough space for me to have an awesome studio! We have only been in our new place for 3 days now so it is pretty chaotic. However, I have already reassembled my studio desk and will be hooking up all of my equipment over the weekend. I have also acquired a few more interesting pieces of equipment that I hope to include in the setup. When the studio is back up and running, I will be finishing up the “Scoops” song and dropping some brand new stuff once things are back in place. Until then, enjoy the last few days of summer as you prepare for fall!

DJ6i Out!

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