Mac Me!

I can tell I am really getting in to this whole music production thing and here is why. I purchased a MacBook Pro 17″ that is quite powerful (got it for a steal on CraigsList). I reinstalled OS X Snow Leopard since the version it came with was pirated (no media provided). I also made my first visit to the Apple Store, now THAT was a trip! Now, I have it all the way reloaded and I am using Garageband to create my next work. It looks like a really good solution now that I have learned how to edit in the piano roll among other things. Expect occasional postings about strange things my Mac does… being an IT guy from a Windows world this is a whole other animal.

I have begun work on a new song but it is still very rough as I am still learning the interface. However, I am sure that will pass in time. I even have a Korg MINI keyboard (it has like… 15 keys and is the size of a standard keyboard) that I hope to start using soon. It is not as nice as the 40-60 key pianos but considering it is my birthday in a few weeks and Christmas not long after, I am being threatened with beatings by my wife if I purchase any more goodies. It’s not my fault my list for this year STARTS at $99 and goes all the way up to $500 (Logic Studio Pro is expensive lol). We’ll see how much loot I get soon, but it may not be posted for a while with the holidays coming soon. Stay Tuned!

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