What’s happening now?

So what’s happening in DJ6i’s world now? Well, there are a few things but they are mostly not obvious. I am continuing to work on the ‘Currents’ track for the EP, it’s the title track so I want it to be the best possible song it can be and it is not there currently. I hope to release my ‘teaser’ work in progress post soon but I can’t promise when that will happen. What I can promise you, though, is that Currents will be a song unlike anything else on this album. It is more like Roots from my first album than it is like the tracks om Currents but diversity is important in an artist’s repertoire.

Thanks to the work of my friends at OliverDomain, I have a terrific video for Polysonic that I want to share with you all but I have to finish getting it up on the YouTube machine and I should be able to do that soon. OliverDomain is starting to take off so there may not be as many updates from them in the near future, but I am grateful for their help thus far!

Otherwise, life is normal until my beloved gives birth to our twins. At that point, it may take DJ6i some time to get music done.. hopefully I can finish the EP before that happens. That’s it for now! DJ6i Out!

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