Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2014’

Currents Artwork in development


I am excited to say that I am once again teaming up with Jego Media┬áto create album artwork for the Currents EP. All I can tell you is that it will be very…watery. LOL. Keep watching my site and I will do the live reveal.

DJ6i Out!

DJ6i’s YouTube Channel is getting busy!


The DJ is busy in the video studio this time. It’s been several years since anything new was added to DJ6i’s YouTube channel but that all changed today. I have added over 5 new videos to the channel to illustrate some of what is happening on the upcoming Currents EP. Go check out the new videos and subscribe! Come on! You know it only takes a second!

Announcing – Subdementia


The DJ has been very busy in the studio the past few months and you guys get to reap the rewards. I have created a new track for you all to enjoy! My newest track is an experiment in the world of drum and bass and is my first ever use of a vocals for drops. I promised myself when I first began writing music as an electronic artist that I would not create cliche music with corny Sci-fi movie quotes and I am not starting today. There is only one vocal sound clip and it is something much less obscure.

Submitted for my fans to review, please check out Subdementia, the 3rd track on my upcoming EP, Currents.

DJ6i – Subdementia