DJ6i Presents CanonBall!

I promised all of you that new music was on its way so here we are! It’s the first full release from DJ6i since Roots Unplugged!  Please take a moment to check out: DJ6i – CanonBall! In this remix, I pay tribute to one of my favorite Baroque period songs… Pachelbel’s Canon. The song is an amazingly soothing melody that is timeless. It’s structure has been used to create some of the most popular songs in the past 20-30 years… everything from Aerosmith to Avril Lavigne and even Bob Marley have used this chord structure.

Although this song is based off the public domain sheet music, I have done a considerable amount of modifications for my own style and of course, added various electronic elements to the piece. It may not be brand new, but it will give my listeners a taste of some other styles that I like and may incorporate in my next EP. Enjoy! And remember, I LOVE commentary, it helps me grow as an artist.


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