My Daughter’s Remix

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that my daughter was playing around in the studio and learning a few things. Well, she finally got serious again yesterday. She wanted to play Hot Cross Buns but had no instrument to play it on. I told her she could use my studio to play it on any instrument she wanted. As a result, she made her own remix of “Hot Cross Buns”. It’s not a very long track but I have to say she did pretty good work for a 10 year old with little experience. Check it out for your selves:

I promise that I had very little to do with this at all. I seriously just pulled up the sheet music for the song and helped her put the first note in. After that, I explained that she needed to keep any additional stuff she added in the “G” Key since that is what the song was made in. I am pretty impressed with what she came up with. This may be the start of a wonderful new musician!

DJ6i Out!

What Keeps DJ6i Rocking?

Hey fans, things are still pretty slow at the 6i Productions studios. Not only is DJ6i dealing with the babies but he’s also a Professor now. He recently took a secondary position as a faculty for online colleges. That has drained any free time left at the moment.

But in case you are wondering what things DJ6i rocks out to when he’s not in the studio rocking his own stuff, check out his “Heavy Drops” playlist on YouTube. This will give you a feel for the stuff that moves DJ6i and should get updated pretty often to keep it fresh.

Happy New Year!

Mystery of Asphalt Jungle Solved

Hey there fans! The 6i Studios have been quiet more or less as the Christmas season has come and gone and the New Years time will be coming soon. I have been remixing a few of my old pieces but I am not sure if I will release them any time soon. I want to release songs that I really feel ‘click’ to me and many of the ones I have been toying with are not ‘clicking’ just yet. Perhaps that will change… we’ll see.

On a completely different note, I wanted to share something that I found interesting. One of my influences and an artist that I keep running on my Pandora stations most of the time is the Electronica artist Asphalt Jungle. For years I was scouring the internet to figure out where these guys came from and what they are doing now. I always found links to discography, discussions about the famous book and movie of the same name but nothing about the electronic artist.

Finally, I did some more complex research and I learned the identity of the band that I enjoy so much. It is actually a duo of world-famous guitarist Brian Tarquin who has made an impressive list of production albums for some of the best guitarists in the business and Chris Ingram (who seems to be mostly unknown). Considering that I am such a huge fan of amazing guitars and electronic music, it makes perfect sense that I would be so interested in this artist and their signature sound. Good to know!

Otherwise, have a safe and happy New Years from the friends and family of DJ6i. See you next year! DJ6i Out!

Merry Early Christmas!

Hello fans! I told you that I was still working on stuff but hadn’t released it yet! Well guess what? You are in luck! I have just released my Christmas 2014 song. I made a decision when I was just starting out as a musician that I would attempt to release one Christmas song each year and with the exception of one or two years, I have kept that promise.

This year I was trying to think of all of the different Christmas carols I wanted to do and which one I felt like doing the most. I finally decided to go with one of the most well known carols in the world – Jingle Bells. However, the song (even with verses) can sound very repetitive and would have bored people to tears pretty soon so I wanted to try and think of a way that I could easily liven it up so it wouldn’t be too simple and repetitive without taking away the simple charm. I finally decided I would do it in space! What would Jingle Bells sound like in space?

Without missing a moment I dug into the public domain bin and found the public domain version of the song and off I went. I even came up with a pretty silly story behind it involving a robot hearing the melody, downloading it, playing it for his crew and then sending it back out to space after they all join in. I guess that is what happens when you watch a lot of Doctor Who!

So far my kiddos sure do love singing this song and I have been told by my other fans that their kids started dancing and singing to it as soon as it came on. I guess that means I am doing it right. With that being the case, please enjoy “Space Jingle”:

Another Generation of DJ

Hello Fans!

It’s been a while since I have updated here. Honestly, my twins have been keeping me so busy that I have not really had an opportunity to update much. That doesn’t mean that I have been sleeping. I have the majority of one Christmas Carol already made and am working on another. I have also started creating a new, non-Christmas song to flex my muscles. Nothing is ready for post yet.

However, it does seem that my interest in music creation has not been lost at home. My 9 year old daughter, who has been one of my fans since the beginning (and even helped me work on one of the Christmas songs), actually asked me to show her how to do what I do the other day. So, I sat her down and showed her a few things within Logic Pro X. She picked up on the software much faster than I would have expected. Before the end of our first session, I had taught her how to stage loops, use fades, modify MIDI encoding and how to use a few tools such as the Multipressor and the Ad Limiter. She is a trooper!

Her song is.. well… a bit spastic. She has never been a calm child! However, I think that with a little refinement, she can pick up on this stuff pretty well. She asked me if I would put her music on the “App Store” (yeah, funny but she is only 9 after all). I told her that if we got a clean version of her song that could work, I would add it to a future album and give her full credit for it.

Suffice to say, I may be passing on my DJ6i crown to my daughter someday. What else could a dad ask for? 🙂

DJ 6i Out!