Site Facelift


By now I am sure that my visitors have seen that the website has been given a facelift! Thanks to some assistance from my friends at OliverDomain.com, we are now on a shiny new website structure. Let me know what you guys think about the site… is it a good facelift? What else would you like to see on the site? Send me your feedback via my contact form!

Changes on the way!


Hey fans! This just in – big news! This site name is now on its own domain. You can now find this site at http://www.dj6i.com. You can still reach the site via the old URL but you should use the new one instead! But that’s not all! Very soon, the site will be getting a new layout that will be more modern and intuitive. Stay tuned! DJ6i Out!

DJ6i Working Even More with OliverDomain


Hello! You might have seen an earlier post where I announced that I would be working with Ben Oliver from OliverDomain to create a logo. Well guess what! Not only can he make some awesome logos but also he can make some cool videos. He has already put his creative juices to work and released videos for both Frostfall and Subdementia. He will be working on other videos for Windrider soon enough.. Until then, check out the videos here:

Thanks so much to my friend lending his God-given talents to help me out!

DJ6i – Subdementia

DJ6i – Frostfall

New Release – Frostfall!


After some downtime and DJ6i finishing his Master’s classes, he finally got around to finishing the 4th track from the Currents EP. The fourth track is called “Frostfall” and is a song mixing dubstep elements with drum ‘n’ bass and tied together with DJ6i’s signature sound. The story behind this song is actually twofold. When DJ6i started creating this song, Oklahoma (and the entire Midwest for that matter) was facing a record low temperature for the winter and record amounts of ice and snow. This freezing weather inspired the creation of a new song and inspired the creation of a new story character who generated ice from within his body. These two elements together brought about the creation of Frostfall. Enjoy this track and let the DJ know what you think!

Currents EP Artwork Update


Well, it appears as though I won’t be working with Jego Media again on the artwork for Currents. I attempted to contact the owner of JegoMedia many times and after two months of no response, I assume that they are too busy. But don’t’ fear, DJ6i had another plan!

Thanks to the assistance from my friend Ben Oliver at OliverDomain.com, I have the new artwork ready to go. Without further ado, here is the artwork for my new EP… now if I can just finish the songs for the album! Give me your feedback about that album cover!


Currents Artwork in development


I am excited to say that I am once again teaming up with Jego Media to create album artwork for the Currents EP. All I can tell you is that it will be very…watery. LOL. Keep watching my site and I will do the live reveal.

DJ6i Out!

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