Transfer Complete!


Hey there everybody! I know that everyone has been watching my site with pained breaths waiting for an update (okay… maybe I WISH everyone was). Well, after several months, my family and I have officially moved to what we hope will be our family home for many years to come. It has enough space for my family to run and play and – of course – enough space for me to have an awesome studio! We have only been in our new place for 3 days now so it is pretty chaotic. However, I have already reassembled my studio desk and will be hooking up all of my equipment over the weekend. I have also acquired a few more interesting pieces of equipment that I hope to include in the setup. When the studio is back up and running, I will be finishing up the “Scoops” song and dropping some brand new stuff once things are back in place. Until then, enjoy the last few days of summer as you prepare for fall!

DJ6i Out!

New, More Aggressive Stuff Coming from Dj6i


Been working for a while on this more aggressive sound and I think I am getting where I want to be. What do you think?

Requiem of a Fantasy video now on YouTube


Hey fans! I finally scrambled around and got the video to my remix of the Final Fantasy Prelude uploaded to YouTube. I used a little image editing to nest my logo in a cool Final Fantasy II fan art of Cecil as Dark Knight and Paladin. I think it turned out awesome. Here you go!

Requiem of a Fantasy – New Track!


Hey there friends! I hope this finds you well. Despite the demands of twin babies, full time employment, transitioning to a new job and various other things, I managed to spend some time in the studio to do a project that is a labor of love. You see, one of my hobbies for many years has been playing video games but when the game systems got more and more complicated and the games longer and longer, I stuck with my NES and  SNES games. As a result, I have become somewhat of a retro gamer (see my RGB Blog).

One of my favorite games of all time is the Super Nintendo classic “Final Fantasy II” (FF4 in Japan). It has so many great elements in it that set the stage for so many of the RPG’s to come and really set the tone for the future of the Final Fantasy series as a whole. You can read why I love this game so much by checking out my post about it on the RetroGamer blog.

The first song you ever here… literally the way you are introduced to the game is with a song track that essentially consists of a rising and falling harp arpeggio. This song also plays any time you are in a “Crystal Room” in the game. The actual name per Nobuo Uematsu (the song’s composer) is simply called “Prelude” but it has also been called “Requiem of the Crystals” and even “The Final Fantasy Theme”. It is this song that I have decided to remix.

Please check out one of my favorite remixes I have ever done: Requiem of a Fantasy

My Daughter’s Remix


I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that my daughter was playing around in the studio and learning a few things. Well, she finally got serious again yesterday. She wanted to play Hot Cross Buns but had no instrument to play it on. I told her she could use my studio to play it on any instrument she wanted. As a result, she made her own remix of “Hot Cross Buns”. It’s not a very long track but I have to say she did pretty good work for a 10 year old with little experience. Check it out for your selves:

I promise that I had very little to do with this at all. I seriously just pulled up the sheet music for the song and helped her put the first note in. After that, I explained that she needed to keep any additional stuff she added in the “G” Key since that is what the song was made in. I am pretty impressed with what she came up with. This may be the start of a wonderful new musician!

DJ6i Out!

What Keeps DJ6i Rocking?


Hey fans, things are still pretty slow at the 6i Productions studios. Not only is DJ6i dealing with the babies but he’s also a Professor now. He recently took a secondary position as a faculty for online colleges. That has drained any free time left at the moment.

But in case you are wondering what things DJ6i rocks out to when he’s not in the studio rocking his own stuff, check out his “Heavy Drops” playlist on YouTube. This will give you a feel for the stuff that moves DJ6i and should get updated pretty often to keep it fresh.

Happy New Year!

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