Take Flight video is now on YouTube!

Hello everyone! I have added the video for Take Flight to YouTube. It looks really good to me! I hope you enjoy it! I am also officially calling my new album “Expanse”. I have two official tracks released and a third that I am about to make official. I don’t know how long it will take to get the rest of the tracks out so stay tuned!

New Stuff – Again!

I think it’s safe to say that my decision to modify my style has paid off in massive dividends. I am happy to release my second track on my techno themed album. This is a sweet and calming track with some amazing melodies. I think the chorus of this song is probably the most amazing one I have ever made. It brought me to tears and I am not even lying.

I hope you enjoy… Take Flight.


Wow… New Stuff

Have I got a surprise for you! Check out a new song that I just dropped tonight! Wow… I can’t tell you how proud I am of this song!

This is celebrating a different sound… I am going straight up techno with this one and I am not apologizing for it. I also broke my normal tradition of using single word song names…

DJ6i РDistant Voice ©2017

DJ6i Entertainment Has Launched

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I have been somewhat unmotivated to create new music for a time, I have decided that maybe I could still make use of my music skills. That being said, I officially opened a mobile DJ business for my local area. If you are in the Oklahoma City metro area (preferably south of Moore) then you can have the real DJ6i show up and spin for your party! It’s a great opportunity to grow myself as a person and an artist while still doing what I love – playing good music!

If you want to have me to something for your event, send an email to booking (at) dj6i [dot] com and I will work with you to schedule that!

Interesting sales figures

I just recently reviewed my accounting data for sales through my distributor. Honestly, it was sometimes painful to look at it because so little changed but I finally decided to go look at it. My look revealed some interesting facts.

  1. Even after being a published artist for over 6 years, I still haven’t even made more than $50 total for my music. Clearly I am not a rock star! Good thing I had the brains to realize that.
  2. My most popular song, bar none, appears to be “Cannonball” which is interesting but somewhat expected. It has over 200 unique plays.
  3. Of the big players, my music appears to be most popular on Spotify since that is where a majority of my plays appear to be from. Unfortunately, it also offers the least amount of money per stream.
  4. Most of my listeners appear to be from North America as most of my plays are from the USA and Canada. However, I actually have about 10 different plays from Indonesia. I have no idea how I became popular out there but that works for me. Another distant listener appears to be from Thailand (which may or may not be the Thai exchange student we’ll be hosting in a few months).
  5. Most of all… my music simply does not interest the majority of the world. I was somewhat aware of this fact but it hurts to see it in print.

That’s all for now! I promise that although I am somewhat sad that my music is not getting much attention, I am not depressed about it, I just wish things were different.

DJ6i Out!

Nothing New

It’s the first of the year which means it is time for my usual yearly post. It is honestly pretty strange to see that it’s been over a year since I released any music. I want to do much more but I simply have not had a good time to do it. I have worked on a few pieces of music in the studio but most of it was just cleaning up some old tracks. Sadly, I don’t think much will change soon.

I am not calling it quits as an electronic musician, or as any kind of musician. I am not really on a hiatus either. Rather, I am just trying to get myself to a point in life where I can enjoy writing music again without feeling like what I produce is just “so-so”. It’s also hard to encourage myself to continue dropping new stuff when I rarely even see an uptick in the world listening to what I have already produced.

Of all these things, I am chiefly considering how I view my place as an artist. I love writing music of many kinds. I focused a lot on heavier dubstep because I listen to it and feel the desire in my heart to make more of it. But when it comes down to it, I am not sure if my music really counts as dubstep or any genre for that matter. I am pondering changing focus to more atmospheric/downtempo music that will serve as good background music for other videos or perhaps even some chiptunes.

Even so, my artistic drive is considerably minimal right now and the fact that my time is limited as well only serves to make my production of music take a backseat. As I get around to releasing new music, you guys will hear about it here but it may be different than what I have done in the past. I want this season of my life to end soon and allow me to return to a more creative place but it is simply not there right now.

DJ6i out.