Audiophiles EP

I released my first EP as an independent artist on my own label. The EP is called “Audiophiles” and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. If you want to know the story about each track then take a look below:


DJ6i Audiophiles – Released Feb. 2011

  1. HeadAsplode – I am a fan of the web famous Strong Bad Emails and recall a particular one where Strong Bad is asked why his head doesn’t ‘asplode’ because of the circumstances. Later on, the Brothers Chaps, under their ‘Videlectrix’ Flash game company created a game called SBZone where you are trying to beat Strong Bad’s wireframe head and when you are killed, Strong Bad says “Your Head Asplode” (in an equally wireframe voice). I felt the name matched the song so there it is. I might make this a real song with it later but not right now.
  2. Angelspun – My second creation! I am mesmerized by this song and so have all of the people who I have forced to listen to it (thank you friends! :) ). This takes a much lighter flavor and focuses on some wonderful chord progressions mixed with the heavenly sounds of the Fender Rhodes electric piano. Don’t blame me if you are humming this melody, it is meant to be hummed because it was stuck in my head for weeks until I finally gave it a place to be free and frolic on my sequencer. My sound is certainly becoming more polished with this one. Enjoy!
  3. SpaceCase – My first Mac produced song, Space Case is unique because it initially began its life as an experiment in GarageBand to learn their “Loops” interface and I had let it sit for a while. I had been working on Logic using the drum machine and took a break. During that break, I happened to watch the YouTube clip of HAL 9000 being shut down at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey”. I was somehow overcome with a desire to finish the song and make it a space age type of song. I hope you enjoy it but I will warn you that you need some low bass sensitivity in your headphones to really enjoy this one.
  4. Insomniac – The edgiest tune from the Audiophiles EP. I was inspired for this song one Friday night when I came back from a late night shopping run at about 12:30. I was a little sleepy but not fully sleepy so I just decided I would open up the studio and see what started happening. By the time I looked up next it was already 3:30AM. Suffice to say, I have spent many days of my life in a state of half awake daze and this song focuses on that sort of emotion.
  5. Carol of the Bells – One of my favorite Christmas Carols of all time, the Carol of the Bells by Mykola Leontovych is famous for its haunting mixture of half steps chords and swiftly moving vocal lines. I was really excited about this song when I heard the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s version many years ago (Carol of the Bells/Sarajevo 12/24) featuring Slash from Guns N Roses running the guitar line. I grabbed a public domain copy of the sheet music and that is what gave me this track. It was my  first of a few Christmas carols.
  6. Roots – I was born and raised in rural SE Oklahoma where my music options were usually limited to classic rock, country, southern rock, and popular music of the 90′s. As I began creating my own music, it was only a matter of time before those influences found their way into my music. Roots is based primarily on those rural influences as they have formed my life. If you like this version check out the acoustic version (see below)
  7. Roots (Unplugged) – Okay, so any music created in a computer studio can’t technically be called “Unplugged” but after I had so much joy creating the original Roots, I felt it was only fitting to make another version that was composed out of instruments that you could actually play without any electronic influence. The end result is Roots Unplugged

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