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CD Pressed and Ready


Out of the empty blog rides Dj6i. It’s been a long time friends and it has been a long time for reasons beyond my control. I have been in a constant state of flux after a silly decision to try and sell my house. We ended up keeping it so life is slowly retruning to normal but with adding a fourth child that normal is still a different sort of normal. My studio is back up and I have added two nice KRK Near Field monitors to my rig so I can hear the music in a different way than headphones. I have lots of ideas for songs and am still working on my song that I have named “Defrost” but it is taking a while to get it to reach the place that I want it to be.

In other, more interesting news (perhaps), I have used the awesome services of again to help me move up. They are pressing 10 copies of the Audiophiles EP, complete with my artwork and custom designs. I should have them within the next few days. Why did I do this? Simple! The streaming stations such as Pandora, Spotify, and Slacker are truly the movers and shapers of the new digital music age and in order to get your music on these engines, you have to send them a bonafide CD with artwork and all that can’t look like a home built disc. So, for just around 50 bucks, I was able to press 10 of those badboys. I will send one to each streaming company and keep the rest as gifts and/or prizes.

That brings me to my next question. Would any of you like an autographed copy of my EP? It may not be worth anything right now… and maybe not ever but it just might. Comment to me about what you would be willing to do to win an autographed copy of my first run EP. The best idea will win but you have to show me that you did it! Cool? Then I look forward to it!

DJ6i Out!

Joyous World – Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope this finds you all quite well! It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but I managed to squeeze out a Christmas song this year. Although I had 80% of Jingle Bell Rock completed, the song really didn’t fit what I was hoping for so I went with this one instead. The main reason is that this year was a year where I can safely say that God has really blessed me this year and nothing anyone can say will take that away from me. I have LOTS of things to be joyful for this year and I wanted a song that would be a testament to that. So HEAR IT IS!

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you enjoy Joyous World!

DJ6i Presents CanonBall!


I promised all of you that new music was on its way so here we are! It’s the first full release from DJ6i since Roots Unplugged!  Please take a moment to check out: DJ6i – CanonBall! In this remix, I pay tribute to one of my favorite Baroque period songs… Pachelbel’s Canon. The song is an amazingly soothing melody that is timeless. It’s structure has been used to create some of the most popular songs in the past 20-30 years… everything from Aerosmith to Avril Lavigne and even Bob Marley have used this chord structure.

Although this song is based off the public domain sheet music, I have done a considerable amount of modifications for my own style and of course, added various electronic elements to the piece. It may not be brand new, but it will give my listeners a taste of some other styles that I like and may incorporate in my next EP. Enjoy! And remember, I LOVE commentary, it helps me grow as an artist.


Audiophiles already generating sales!


I am about as psyched as I could possibly be as I have actually hit my first ever profit from my music. That’s right, I have been working as an indie artist for about a year and finally made some money. Don’t worry, I am not going to start driving a Bentley around, LOL, after all, my only profit thus far is 69 cents. Now that’s a rock star for you!

Seriously though, I want to offer my heartiest thanks to those who have bought my music thus far. Right now Napster appears to be the number one source because it has been streaming it. At least 5 of my songs were streamed in the past two months. I also have a download from Apple iTunes which is pretty epic as well. I don’t know if they read this site but if you do, understand that DJ6i thanks you!

Now all of these things you see here may be minor to the average person… I mean… what’s the big deal about 69 cents, it won’t even buy me a can of Diet Coke at most places. But that’s not the point! I created music to share my thoughts with anyone who would listen and without any marketing, I have made some money off of it. Besides, although I have been producing music for a while now, the music has only been made publicly purchasable in the past 3-5 months. If I have turned some profit in just a few short months, imagine how much I could make if those people who liked my music suggested it to someone else who then shared it with someone else, and a year or two passes, I might actually be able to buy a diet coke and a nice doughnut before long. 🙂

Keep listening and I promise to keep trying to churn out new stuff!

DJ6i Out!

Audiophiles EP Available NOW!


I have some awesome news friends! It seems that after waiting for some time and fighting the mountains of paperwork, my album is officially available to download through your favorite digital download stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and many others. For more information, please check out my album page on CDBaby: DJ6i – Audiophiles EP

DJ6i will soon be on iTunes and Amazon!


It’s been an interesting few weeks! As of one week ago, I now have a newborn baby boy in my family and have been focusing my attention on family related matters while occasionally trying out a few things in the studio but have yet to be inspired for a new work… or perhaps I am simply too tired. 🙂

Either way, this is some exciting news! Thanks to my partnership with CDBaby you will soon be able to download DJ6i songs through iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and more! Unlike the majority of artists selling their songs for approx. 99 cents, I am actually selling mine for less than that. I am not producing music just to make money, I want my music to reach people and inspire people. The only reason I am even asking for money in the first place is so that I can help buffer the costs associated with making my music available via these retailers.

I promise that I will make an official post when I receive word that the files are available in those sources. As for new music? Well, that’s basically a matter of time and inspiration. I won’t write something unless I want it to be good and inspired. If you would like, you can make suggestions for a type of song and I will see what I can do, I always like a challenge!

DJ6i out!

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