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Another Generation of DJ


Hello Fans!

It’s been a while since I have updated here. Honestly, my twins have been keeping me so busy that I have not really had an opportunity to update much. That doesn’t mean that I have been sleeping. I have the majority of one Christmas Carol already made and am working on another. I have also started creating a new, non-Christmas song to flex my muscles. Nothing is ready for post yet.

However, it does seem that my interest in music creation has not been lost at home. My 9 year old daughter, who has been one of my fans since the beginning (and even helped me work on one of the Christmas songs), actually asked me to show her how to do what I do the other day. So, I sat her down and showed her a few things within Logic Pro X. She picked up on the software much faster than I would have expected. Before the end of our first session, I had taught her how to stage loops, use fades, modify MIDI encoding and how to use a few tools such as the Multipressor and the Ad Limiter. She is a trooper!

Her song is.. well… a bit spastic. She has never been a calm child! However, I think that with a little refinement, she can pick up on this stuff pretty well. She asked me if I would put her music on the “App Store” (yeah, funny but she is only 9 after all). I told her that if we got a clean version of her song that could work, I would add it to a future album and give her full credit for it.

Suffice to say, I may be passing on my DJ6i crown to my daughter someday. What else could a dad ask for? 🙂

DJ 6i Out!

Currents and Windrider videos now on YouTube!


Hey everybody! I mentioned this in a previous post but now I have an official URL. Thanks to my friends at, the DJ6i YouTube channel now has two more videos. One for the title track on the Currents EP and for Windrider. The staff there were kind enough to take a break from their Kinder Playtime channel to create these two great videos! I encourage you all to go check these out and don’t forget that you can pick up your copy of the Currents EP at most major music sites!


Two more videos from Oliver Domain about to drop!


Wow! What an exciting time! The Christmas album is underway and I just received an unexpected present – a video for Currents and Windrider from my friends at I know for a fact that the video engineers on that team are very busy with their Kinder Playtime Project so I was pleasantly surprised and excited. I will post the links to the videos once they are finalized. Otherwise enjoy and don’t forget to pick up your copy of DJ6i – Currents EP from your favorite digital music house!

DJ6i Out!

Christmas Album is underway!


It’s an exciting time in DJ6i’s studio! The Currents EP just hit the digital distros yesterday after some confusion with my distributor but I am already back in the studio again. This time I am trying to create a Christmas album before the season gets here. When you look around for Christmas music that does not have vocals, you end up finding only a few artists such as Trans Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller that offer those (granted, TSO does have some vocals). I love the music but sometimes I find that people try TOO hard to sing the vocals differently than the 8 million other versions of the same song. Well, since I am not too active with vocals, I figure I can dust off some classics and bring some new life to some great music.

So far, this is my track list that I plan on releasing… if my fans want some other song to be added, post it on here so I can determine if it is possible.

1. We Three Kings

2. Silent Night

3. Angels We Have Heard on High

4. What Child is This? (Greensleeves)

5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

6. Joyous World (Joy to the World)

7. Carol of the Bells

Yes, the last two tracks are re-releases but I might actually redo at least one of them. Post your comments if you want to see a different song.

DJ6i Out!

Currents EP Available Everywhere now!


There were a few issues with the distribution system but as of today, the entire DJ6i – Currents EP has been officially released to digital distribution. You can find the album here: DJ6i – Currents EP Go grab it today!

DJ6i Out!

Currents EP is Complete!



I have terrific news! The Currents EP is finally complete! It’s only been 6 months of work but it feels like years. I hope that you all will enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed making this album. I would have to say that the title track, “Currents”, is one of the most crowdsourced tracks I have ever made. I sought the feedback from many friends with a wide variety of tastes and even had help from my beloved wife while it was being made. It may be my second EP but I am certain it is the first one that will get the attention of the general public.

At this time, the tracks have been submitted to my distributor and will be released to the various musical outlets starting as early as June 30th. It may take a few more weeks depending on the vendor (iTunes, for instance, takes a few weeks). Whatever the case may be, I will make sure that you guys get word as soon as that happens. I appreciate everyone’s support in this time.

As I was finishing this album and pondering over the process, I realized how deeply personal this album is to me. This is the first album I have created since I lost my father in 2013. This is the first album I have created since my family grew to three and soon five children. I could go on and on about this. But as I pondered it, I came up with a quote that summarizes what this album means to me. “Life is full of currents, what is important is where you let them take you.”

Take Care and God Bless!

DJ6i Out!

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