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Currents EP Available Everywhere now!


There were a few issues with the distribution system but as of today, the entire DJ6i – Currents EP has been officially released to digital distribution. You can find the album here: DJ6i – Currents EP Go grab it today!

DJ6i Out!

Currents EP is Complete!



I have terrific news! The Currents EP is finally complete! It’s only been 6 months of work but it feels like years. I hope that you all will enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed making this album. I would have to say that the title track, “Currents”, is one of the most crowdsourced tracks I have ever made. I sought the feedback from many friends with a wide variety of tastes and even had help from my beloved wife while it was being made. It may be my second EP but I am certain it is the first one that will get the attention of the general public.

At this time, the tracks have been submitted to my distributor and will be released to the various musical outlets starting as early as June 30th. It may take a few more weeks depending on the vendor (iTunes, for instance, takes a few weeks). Whatever the case may be, I will make sure that you guys get word as soon as that happens. I appreciate everyone’s support in this time.

As I was finishing this album and pondering over the process, I realized how deeply personal this album is to me. This is the first album I have created since I lost my father in 2013. This is the first album I have created since my family grew to three and soon five children. I could go on and on about this. But as I pondered it, I came up with a quote that summarizes what this album means to me. “Life is full of currents, what is important is where you let them take you.”

Take Care and God Bless!

DJ6i Out!

Sneak Peak – Currents


Hey guys! I know many have asked me when my next EP will drop. I have been struggling a great deal with the final track because I wanted it to be markedly different than the rest of the tracks on the album. Well, I was finally able to achieve that sound. This is a sample of the final track – Currents. Remember, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS so the final will sound different in the end. I hope you all enjoy it! Send me your feedback! DJ6i is out!


Currents Remastering


Thanks to an amazing hint from my original mentor, David Campos, I was able to figure out how to give my songs more volume kick without killing the dBs. It’s amazing what a few minor changes to the studio config can do to make songs really stand out! I am in the process of remastering my Currents EP to give them the extra kick. I will post the updated songs to SoundCloud later on. DJ6i out!

Another Great Video – Polysonic


Want to see the craziest eye you have ever seen? Check out this awesome new video created by my friends at for the first track on this EP… Polysonic. I originally had no idea that the song had such a mechanical sound to it but after watching this video, I could perceive that fact much more clearly. Watch out for the robot death ray eye! It happens! Enjoy this awesome video!

What’s happening now?


So what’s happening in DJ6i’s world now? Well, there are a few things but they are mostly not obvious. I am continuing to work on the ‘Currents’ track for the EP, it’s the title track so I want it to be the best possible song it can be and it is not there currently. I hope to release my ‘teaser’ work in progress post soon but I can’t promise when that will happen. What I can promise you, though, is that Currents will be a song unlike anything else on this album. It is more like Roots from my first album than it is like the tracks om Currents but diversity is important in an artist’s repertoire.

Thanks to the work of my friends at OliverDomain, I have a terrific video for Polysonic that I want to share with you all but I have to finish getting it up on the YouTube machine and I should be able to do that soon. OliverDomain is starting to take off so there may not be as many updates from them in the near future, but I am grateful for their help thus far!

Otherwise, life is normal until my beloved gives birth to our twins. At that point, it may take DJ6i some time to get music done.. hopefully I can finish the EP before that happens. That’s it for now! DJ6i Out!

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